Bacheca Eventi

Welcome to the Ars Manufactorea Events Bullettin Board!

What is our hobby if not interaction, participation and sharing? We at Ars Manufactorea believe it is important to enhance this particular aspect of our hobby: the community. In and out of the game, between a battle and the other, between colors, glues and brushes, it's nice to be able to meet up with old and new friends in events organized for us!

Are you an association, a store or just a gaming group that wants to highlight a particular event? Scroll down the page and click on the "Create New Event" button! Once approved your event will be visibile on the board!

As for past painting contest organized at Ars Manufactorea, on our Pinterest account you can see the complete gallery of the models that took part in the contest, while on our Blog you can find the detailed comment and the reviews for each model!


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