Clubs & Associations

Ars Manufactorea believes in cultural and recreational associations, and feels that it is important to contribute to the development of local communities, by helping them as much as possible to make the hobbyist experience of its members the best possible. The important thing is to play and have fun in a healthy and peaceful environment.

Are you part of a club or a recreational / cultural association? Get in touch with us and discover the awesome deals waiting for your association!

In addition to a meeting point and an association place for hobbyists and players of every kind, our store offers an unrivaled customer service, by providing useful advice and tips for the hobby and the best deals on the market. To discover more about our deals and discounts, please refer to the discount section.

We think that Clubs and Associations are the true beating heart of this hobby, they keep it alive and allow it to grow bigger and bigger by generating strong communities of players and hobbyists.

For all those associations who wish to join our sponsorship service we offer a 33% discount on goods purchased for the account or on behalf of the association (the discount does not apply to the purchases made by the individual members of the association); these goods include vouchers for tournaments and competitions, demonstration equipment purchased for promotional days  – such as the Open Days, and any equipment required for the association’s users enjoyment, such as scenery, magazines, manuals, and so on.

There is no precondition or obligation, just give us a call and introduce yourself!!!

We would like to point out that this special deal is ONLY addressed to associative entities, NOT to the members, who keep the normal discounts applied to any other customer. The purpose is to provide the associations as many resources as possible, not to devalue the merchandise.

If you require any sort of clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us!