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Before contacting the Customer Care, read our FAQs! We may already have the answer to your question!


Each product bears on its own sheet a statement that refers to its availability. A product marked with the word “available” is definitely available in good quantities and if ordered is ready for delivery. Products Out of Stock or Orderable are not immediately available.

Each unavailable product presents on its sheet a value relative to the time of restock, which indicates how long it will take to arrive in our store once ordered. The arrival times of products not available are only an estimate and, unfortunately, subject to availability in stock of our suppliers, so despite our efforts may not correspond exactly to what we indicate on the site. To know the real availability of a product in stock marked as unavailable you can always contact us by e-mail at our address, as well as check yourself on the manufacturer’s website (e.g.: Games Workshop for Mail Orders).

Temporarily unavailable products marked as “Orderable” can always be purchased on our website, as they are simply waiting for Restock from our suppliers. Just keep in mind that the arrival times of these products are always an estimate, and that if you place an order including products currently unavailable ALL your order will be shipped when they arrive, we do not make separate shipments!

Preorders are shipped from their release date, which is always indicated on the sheet of said products. It is absolutely not possible for us to ship the products before that date. If the release date of the product coincides with a public holiday, the product will be shipped from the first working day following it.
Orders are shipped when they are complete, that is, when all the items in them arrive in the store.

No, once the order has been placed it is not possible to modify it by adding or removing products. It can only be cancelled.

No, once the order has been placed it is not possible to modify it by adding or removing products. It can only be cancelled. The Save for Later option is not retroactive on pending orders.
Send us an e-mail to our address indicating the number of your order, we will do the rest!
Of course! If you want to add it to an order that you are preparing, just write us the product you are interested in in the order notes field, otherwise if you are interested only and exclusively in that particular article (eg: a Games Workshop Mail Order) you can also request it by e-mail. The arrival times for made-to-order products are the same as for products of the same brand that we have on the website (eg: if you need a Mail Order from Games Workshop it takes about a couple of weeks of waiting since we order the item to the supplier), then your order will be shipped as soon as the special items you asked for has arrived!
No, I’m sorry, we do not accept orders via e-mail, unless it is a particular request for a product not on our website. As for preorders, by agreement with our suppliers we are not allowed to take requests before the starting date of the preorder in question, you will find everything on the site in the News section on the initial day of the preorder!


Unfortunately no, for now we can’t offer a free shipping service. More information on the dedicated page.

Oders are shipped when they are complete, that is when all the items arrive in the store, if your order is still in this state it means that some items have yet to arrive! If you ordered pre-order items, your package will be shipped after the launch date. Orders made by bank transfer are shipped as soon as payment is received and verified.

Sometimes unfortunately it can happen that there are issues with the delivery of your package, be it a delay, a missed or incorrect delivery or an error of any kind. In these circumstances the first thing to do is to contact the courier directly, not us. Unfortunately we cannot have more information than you could get yourself by contacting the carrier directly, and you are certainly able to provide more precise information about the nature of your problem (es: a package that is delivered and to which the customer service answers “the carrier has given it to the person X to the yellow house” means nothing for us, but maybe you are able to identify immediately the person who picked up your package in good faith!).

If the package was shipped with FedEx/TNT the tracking code is an eight-digit code preceded by MY (e.g. MY01234567). To contact FedEx you need to call 0236017467, select “other needs” and then “talk to an operator”. In case the package was shipped with DHL the tracking code is a ten-digit code (e.g. 0123456789), to contact DHL you must call 199151119, select “domestic shipments” and then “administrative requests”.

In all cases remember to keep the tracking number of the package in hand, it is essential to help the operator to retrieve all the necessary information and resolve the issue. In case you do not solve the problem in this way then contact us and we will intervene, in any case you do not have to worry, your order is guaranteed so in one way or another (and with a little patience), surely you will receive what you deserve!

Shipping times for Italy are on average 24/48 hours (standard) or 36/72 hours (express), starting from the moment the package is picked up by the courier. Orders placed outside the working hours of the store and over the weekend will be handled on the first working day following the placement of the order, except for days when the flow of orders is particularly high (ex: in the pre-Christmas period) where it could slip to the next day. Please be aware that delivery times are always a best estimate: delays may happen, we unfortunately don’t have the power to know if there is a congestion in your hub area or if the courier is having peculiar delivery issues in your specific place!

No, unfortunately we have no guarantee that the information will get to us in time to change the delivery address of your order!
At the moment we do not ship outside Europe, the list of territories to which we ship can be found on the Shipping page.

We use FedEx/TNT for standard shipping service and DHL for express shipping.

Send us an e-mail to our address indicating the number of your order and explaining the situation! You can find more information about returns and refund in the dedicated page.

No, there is no option on the site to pick up products at our store. The reason is soon said: on the website we make discounts slightly higher than the physical store, to compensate for shipping costs. The discounts we make in the physical store are respectively 19% on boxes, blisters and books from Games Workshop, 14% on Privateer Press products and 9% on the rest of our catalog.

No, this is not an option, all orders placed on the website have to be shipped.


Absolutely not! No additional fee is (nor can be) applied by us to the payment method chosen by the customer, be it Paypal, bank transfer or cash on delivery!

If you need an invoice, you can request it when you place the order, by filling in the correct billing address form and completing the data by writing us an e-mail with your request, including the PEC/code.

The cash on delivery option is not allowed to benefit from the Save for Later. You can find more information about this delivery option in the dedicated page.

Paper vouchers won at tournaments are not redeemable directly from the site, but don’t worry! Just write us an e-mail describing what kind of voucher you have won, the value and on what occasion, then when you place the order we will refund you the difference and/or redo the correct cost you have to pay! Keep in mind that paper vouchers are valid on the RRP price of products, not on the discounted price!


Unfortunately no, sorry, we do not buy or resell used products!

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